27 June 2017

The Adventurers Guild

The Adventurers Guild was established in the Dragon City as a training facility and common meeting place for adventuring parties. It began as an extension of the first Green Ale Tavern. The Guild is organized into different companies; each adventurer is part of a company of adventurers. Generally when a group of adventurers complete their training they form a new adventuring company; each individual adventurer also may opt to join the company of an adventurer who agrees to mentor them. The adventuring company allows a group of adventurers to pool their resources and and have companions on which to call when in need of aid. All treasure found is property of each company; a company member may withdraw up to half of company resources from any chapter house with the available funds. Adventurers of different companies may work together; usually each company will agree to a percentage of any treasure found.

Each adventurer receives a magically enchanted iron badge after completing training and joining a company. The badge identifies the wearer and the company to which they belong. Any adventurer may be voted out of his company by a unanimous vote. An adventurer without a company receives none of the privileges of membership in the guild and may often be hunted down by the guild. When a character is ousted from a company he must relinquish any magical items owned by the company. Such a character may petition to join another company at which time they regain all their past privileges.

The Adventurers Guild has three types of establishments: the guild house, the chapter house, and the safe house.

A safe house is usually a single story one room building of sturdy wood or stone provisioned with 40 rations and water. The food and water is restocked every week by a permanent create food and water spell. The Safe House contains 3 bunk beds, has a single door which can be barred from the inside, and no windows are present. A permanent protection from evil spell has been cast on the building. The inside of the house also has a permanent control temperature spell present, keeping the temperature at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. There is also a small stone embedded in the ceiling with a continual light spell cast on it. Once the door to a Safe House is closed, it is sealed by a Wizard Lock. Access to a Safe House can be gained by pressing a guild badge against a small circle on the door, if the door is barred from the inside the adventurer trying to gain access will also have to circumvent that obstacle through negotiation or force.

A Chapter House is fronted by a Green Ale Tavern. Adventurers receive one free pint of Green Ale and one free meal every day, and may stay at the Inn without charge. The chapter house has a backroom available only to adventurers stocked with provisions and supplies. These supplies are given at a standard rate no matter location. Items stocked will include everything from the Expert Rules equipment section. The Green Ale Tavern will also always have a bulletin board where locals or adventurers may post help ads. Often the local populace that frequent the Green Ale Tavern can be hired as Hirelings or Torchbearers. Torchbearers generally start at 1cp/day, and Hirelings start at 1sp/day. The Chapter House will also have the same enchantments as a Safe House, excluding ration replenishing and the wizard locked door. The continual light will only be present in the main tavern.

A Guild House has all the amenities of a Chapter House with the addition of training facilities. A Guild House is a compound composed of  a large chapter house and separate buildings for each type of class to train in. In the center of the compound will be a courtyard dedicated to weapons training. The Guild House also contains a small alchemical laboratory available for the creation of potions and scrolls. Sometimes the Potions and Scrolls will be available for sale, these will be priced at 100sp/spell level of the potion/scroll. It is also possible to sell potions and scrolls to the guild at 3/4 price. If a character(the whole company must agree to such a sale) wishes to sell a more permanent magic item(such as a sword) he can do so by putting up an ad on a selling list in the Guild House and must negotiate for the price with the buyer. There is a 10% chance that 1-4 magic items will be up for sale at any time. Each Guild House has a secret closet with a teleportation spell which will take the Character to any other Guild House. An adventurer wishing to use this device must contact the local Guild Master who has a key to unlock the closet and a separate key to specify destination.

Training at the Guild House is as described in the current house rules document. To level up a character must pay 1/4 of xp needed to level and take 10 days to trains per level. Weapon mastery training is as described in the Masters Rules as if trained by a Grand Master.

06 June 2017

Government in the ancient world

I have been reading Caesar and Christ by Will Durant. It's a history of Rome and the rest of the ancient world at the time of Rome's dominance. Reading about the intrigues of the Romans, simply impressed upon me how complicated the laws and government of the Republic were. Often in modern society we have this opinion that our government is better than those in the past and that government was smaller and simpler. Yet if we study ancient history we find quite the opposite, their laws and customs were just as complicated and obscure as ours are today. just because their constitution wasn't written on a piece of paper doesn't mean it wasn't just as binding or important to them. The corruption present was probably greater then anything we have ever seen in the US. Everything we know about ancient Rome shows they were our equals in bureaucracy, legislation, class warfare, and corruption. This also applies to all the other ancient governments we have good records of. We can conclude that everyone of the ancient world, whether we have good records for them or not, had sophisticated governments because of all the ones we do know about and it doesn't make sense for other peoples not to govern themselves; it's not like certain groups of humans are less intelligent then others.

To link this topic to D&D is pretty simple. Every village, city, and country should have sophisticated laws and customs and methods of self-governance. There should be no group of humanoids (by humanoid I mean any species like humans in mental function and physical appearance) in a Utopian society where everything is shared and there is no central government, everybody just gets along. That just doesn't happen. There is always a government. The strong try to rule the weak, whether that is one very powerful man, or a group of aristocrats, or simply the majority in a democracy. Their is always a government and the methods by which it functions are complicated and based on ancient customs called "the constitution" and "common law". It is not like cities just appear overnight with no previous history. The history of a people determines and is determined by their laws and government.

03 June 2017

Armstrong Company, part 1 & 2

So there are a few session notes that I haven't posted yet, this is going to be from this last week, the first games of the summer.

Date: 31 May 2017
Edge, lvl 3 Mystic
Thaddeus Lightbringer, lvl 1 M-U

Calendar Date: 27 Kaldmont - 24 Thaumont

27 Kaldmont
     Thaddeus Lightbringer is lost in the woods/looking for adventure. He finds a gecko lizard that appears to be injured sprawled on its back in front of a cave. He attacks it, it fights back, more lizards come out of the cave, and he is injured and knocked unconscious.
      Edge is walking by on a nearby trail and hears screams. He runs into the woods and sees Thaddeus being munched on by lizards. He runs, picks him up and runs away. After he gets a safe distance away he performs first aid on Thaddeus. While traveling on the trail, a Tuatara lizard comes out of the trees and attacks Thaddeus. They manage to run away from it.

      They set upcamp for the night. Not long after dark, they are ambushed by a group of 10 iron ring bandits. The bandits try to put manacles on them, but both Thaddeus and Edge manage to escape, killing 2 bandits in the process. They are separated, and Thaddeus climbs a tree and sleeps the rest of the night. Edge plays a game of cat and mouse with the bandits for a good portion of the night and manages to kill 2 bandits, and capture 1.

28 Kaldmont
     In the morning Thaddeus and Edge find each other. They continue south along the trail through the forest (Edge is on his way back to his monastery). They reach Wereskalot in the afternoon. Told by Innkeep that a beast has been killing local sheep and kidnapping children. Edge gives his Iron Ring prisoner to Azemur, the only human in the halfling village, and Azemur gives him a pearl in return.When Thaddeus goes to Azemur's house afterwards, it is dark inside and no one answers the door.

29 Kaldmont
     They go north into the hills to hunt down the beast. A trail of sheep fur and blood and bits of cloth is easily followed. They pass an Ogre cave and the trail leads to a Dire Wolf den. They go back to the the Ogre cave and draw out and ogre and run towards the wolves. The wolves rush to attack them, they climb a tree; The Ogre throws the wolves a piece of meat and then proceeds to shake the tree in an attempt to shake the PCs out of it. They jump out of the tree and manage to run away towards Wereskalot.

30 Kaldmont
     Thaddeus writes a letter to the Adventurers Guild asking for help from his company to defeat these monsters.

31 Kaldmont - 24 Thaumont
     Edge and Thaddeus stay in Wereskalot allowing Thaddeus to heal from his injuries.

Date: 1 June 2017
Edge, lvl 3 Mystic
Thaddeus Lightbringer, lvl 1 M-U
Beren, lvl 5 fighter

Calendar Date: 25-26 Thaumont

25 Thaumont
    The Armstrong Company (12 NPC adventurers ranging from lvl 4-7 led by Beren) arrives in the morning. Beren sends one of his halfling adventurers to scout the territory. He finds evidence of 5 ogres and 5 dire wolves. The party journeys into the hills and and sets up camp before reaching the ogres' territory.
      During the night, Edge sees a moonbeam that looks nearly solid in the woods. He wakes up the rest of the party. Only some of the characters can see the moon beam. They decide not to investigate and go back to sleep

26 Thaumont
     In the morning they appraoch the Ogres' cave and hide in the trees nearby. Edge draws the ogres out. 5 ogres chase him into the trees, the rest of the party surprises the Ogres and attack. 4 Ogres are killed in the first round, the 5th Ogre runs back to the cave and rolls a stone in front of the entrance.
     The party then travels to the wolf den and attack them. they manage to kill all the wolves. They return to their camp and find it has been ransacked by Ogres and see tracks leading toward Wereskalot.

XP: 623 Each