20 May 2017

Building a Web Map, Part 6

School is now over!

I presented my thesis on monday, I'm going to upload it as a link in the sidebar. The web map has all of the locations placed with custom icons and popups.

also I finished a poster of Karameikos for another class, I'll also post a link along with the paper for that project, but here is a screenshot.

Of course I continue to plan working on this project, I am going to upload a modified version of the of the poster to the web map as a new basemap. From there I will probably be working on a hex overlay with info tied to each hex.

There are still a few locations that need to be placed, I'll listthem below with pertinent information, If you have any input, let me know.

  • Village of Kaldarak/plains of desolation, on road, between carrabridge and ford, several farms nearby, near dapleth woods home to elves and treants, Dungeon 15 pursuit of the Slayer
  • Elven Home, in sylvan wood, treeant, Dungeon 1 Elven Home
  • Elwyn's Sanctuary, deep wilderness, in domain of patriach sherlane, elwyn made deal with shrine of evil chaos, B9 and B1-9
  • fire giant home, large mountain with cae entrance in foothills, AC10
  • Tuma, mountains spurs in west, sylvan forest in north, desert around ctiy of tuma, most likely northwest of wereskalot in 5 shires or lake amsorak in darkokin, B8
  • Giant's castle, in northern mountains, more than 3 day journey from town to castle, above the treeline on a black mountain, AC10
  • guido's fort, probably on edge of malpheggi swamp south of darkin, B5
  • Haven, original orange book in gulluvia/glantri, green book in karameikos - 'valley in heart of altan tepes' according to B 1-9, placed north of lake of lost dreams south of zargash mountains in 83 expert
  • Highdell, on duke's road, at source of river, 83 expert
  • hive brood lair, near rugalov north of road, Dungeon 13 of nest and nations
  • mist raven, destroyed in explosion rebuilt, AC11
  • white dragon cave, 10 day journey into mountains, trail leads past and through mountains, in ravine with spring, pine trees, AC10
  • Mt Caylorne, abandoned dwarven city
  • port town, trade from caravans to south to north sea, zenopus tower on hill near city, Holmes Basic
  • Gray Mountain, in elven forest, middle eastern overtones, mountains to north, B7
  • spinyon, small village far from trade routes, grows corn and wheat, AC11
  • stonefast, abandoned dwarven stronghold, on edge of human territory, white dragon, classic D&D 
  • stone peak, dwarven kingdom, AC11
  • dragon lair, dragon in wulfwolde hills raiding peasants on edge of moor, Dungeon 27 Tarfil's tomb
  • Zanzer tem's Tower, near town, salt mines and dungeon below, classic D&D

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  1. Robin D:
    Have you already seen my old 1 mile hexmaps? They contain canon /fanon information. http://6inchnails.deviantart.com/art/West-Karameikos-Mystara-663338785 more links below this example,

    Lance Duncan:
    yeah, I have copies of most of your stuff along with a lot of other fan works. It's definitely an inspiration to see all the work that has already been done, though because I'm limiting myself to cannon material I'm not including a lot of things I would like to at this time.