22 July 2017

The Sorcerer

I haven't posted all week because I just started working at a new job, and have been getting used to my new schedule.

I have been thinking about adding a new class to my games, the sorcerer. They would use magic in a similar way to my houserules for elves. No spellbooks or rituals; magic is simply an innate ability of certain people. The source of their power might be elvish or draconic blood, or they might be 'chosen' by the gods, or made a pact with some otherworldly force. What's important is how they use magic in the game. Sorcerers wouldn't have to memorize spells from books like magic users, but would have a limited number they could know. The spell progression of the sorcerer will be slightly slower than an elf, but also go all the way up to the ninth spell level. I would also make the sorcerer be able to fight better than a magic user, maybe equivalent to the cleric with different weapon allowances. I am thinking of letting the sorcerer have access to the full spell list, magic-user, cleric and druid. It is possible I will limit the spells available to active spells like magic missile, fireball, healing, etc.

I am also envisioning the sorcerer in a similar capacity to the wise men/magi of the east in biblical times. Given that Religion is going to dictate the religious class of certain areas, the sorcerer could fit into one of the religions. I'm not sure which region/religion they would fit into right now. Clerics are associated with Thyatis and Darokin, Druids with Glantri, I know there is variant on the cleric or druid in GAZ 2 for Ylaruam, there is also another variant for the clerics of the northern reaches from the gazetteer(maybe I should have a runic caster as their cleric). So that leaves maybe Atruaghin or Sind or Alphatia as the area where sorcerers reign. It might fit well with Alphatia and their ruling body of 1000 wizards. It might make more sense if they were just sorcerers, and a large percent of Alphatians had an affinity for magic.

Just some thoughts on how I might make sorcerers fit into my current game.

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