06 August 2017

#RPGaDAY 2017, day 4

This is an easy one, I've played D&D most in the last year. Since I started a Tabletop club at CSUN, I figured the best game to start people with was D&D, so that is what I ran. I'm most familiar with Classic D&D, enough so that I don't really need the books to run a game, so there was very little prep needed giving me plenty of time for schoolwork. Also I figured the Brad name would draw a lot of attention. Probably about 80% of the people who showed interest in the club wanted to play D&D and at least half of them had never played any RPG before. So that is why I have stuck to D&D for the past couple years.

Alternatively if you don't count the time I ran games, but only those in which I was a player, I have played Iron Kingdoms the most int eh last year. I started playing with a group I found at a FLGS near CSUN before I started running D&D. we finished that game in january or febraury I think because of scheduling conflicts, but it was fun while it lasted.

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