10 February 2018

The Known World at the size of Europe.

As I mentioned in my last post, I think the original map from X1was designed to cover an area similar to europe. As an experiment, I did a quick georeference with thyatis located at rome and the northern reaches in Denmark. the end result is that each hex would be 40.5 miles from top to bottom and 46 miles from vertex to vertex. it would be interesting to play in a campaign where the mainland empire of thyatis is as big as Italy.

1 comment:

  1. Thorfinn Tait:
    Fun experiment.

    James Mishler:
    I don't think that is quite right. At that scale, Spain is only 12 hexes north to south, and that's only 288 miles?

    Lance Duncan:
    +James Mishler It's in the plate caree projection (equirectangular), this projection provides severe distortion, and is rarely used it doesn't maintain shape and trying to measure distance in this projection is ill advised. the reason i used it was beacuse it has a constant north south distance that will maintain the regularity of the hexagons. by measurement, from gibraltar directly north to the coast is about 520 miles, which matches up pretty close with the hex scale (which I rounded in the first place). the same distance is 511 miles in the robinson projection and 675 in Mercater. I just measured it on a globe and it is about 510 miles.