01 March 2018

Dice and Fun

Today listening to the digressions and dragons podcast something was said that I'd like to talk about.

"A RPG in which the gm is not allowed or never gets to roll dice is not fun for the gm."  This is wrong. Why is your fun dependent on the rolling of dice? Go play Yahtzee if you just want to roll dice. As I've said before, I don't play the game to have fun. The dice, and the rules that go with them, are there to impose fairness. When something happens, it's not the gm making arbitrary decisions; the dice or the rules dictate the situation. I can make up all the stories, challenge, or combat I want for the players to go through without any dice, and yes it can be fun for all involved including myself, but without external forces the game will be limited to my imagination. The dice allow for circumstances that would never occur otherwise. The laws of chance are dictating the outcome of this action, and not me, an arbitrary judge. The dice provide justice for the players.

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