16 March 2017

How are we not dead yet, part 1

So I plan on keeping notes for my current D&D campaign, starting with last week's events

Characters present:
Raveling lvl 4 thief
Edge lvl 1 mystic
Dr. Happy lvl 1 cleric
Willem lvl 1 elf
Ronalf lvl1 fighter
Matt lvl 1 m-u
ozbrave lvl 1 m-u
Chelsea lvl 2 druid

Previously: The party had just finished an adventure in a dungeon beneath Koriszegy Keep where they defeated a kobold cult trying to resurrect Tsathzar Rho, an ancient sorcerer. After returning to town (Luln) they were contacted by an agent of the Duke who had received word about the rise of this cult in his domain. the agent had recently discovered the plans of the cult to perform a dark ritual at the standing stones in the forest nearby. While discussing a plan to sabotage the ritual the agent was assassinated and the assassin escaped. The party continued with their plans to stop the ritual  and were successful, either killing or chasing off the cultists. They captured one cultist and were able to withdraw information from him. he revealed that the cult receives weapon shipments at the village of Stallanford. At this point the party returned to Luln and sold some of their loot from the dungeon. they then took a wagon with more loot, mostly a library that they plundered, to Specularum to find a buyer for the collection.

Date 10 March 2017, calendar date:18 sviftmont - 18 kaldmont

At this point the party reached Specularum  in the late evening after the gates to city were shut. they were able to bribe the guards to let them in. They stayed the night at the Rattlebone inn. The next day they went to various merchants and were able to sell their gems and other miscellaneous items. they were able to sell their collection of books to senator Eipoistlo in the Hill district. They initialyy couldn't find anyone to buy  the Black Candles from them, but were able to convince Ceesar the sage to buy them. At this point those with enough experience found the local chapter of the Adventurers Guild and spent time training to level up. they then left the city and began the journey north along the dukes road. we ended with them about 15 miles north of Krakatos.

Things of Note:
Black Candles - the party learned that these candles were magically created specifically for dark rituals. They are made from the blood of 5 different species, men, elves, dwarves, dragons, and rakasta combined with fat of orcs.

Adventurers Guild: this guild was created in the city of dragons located north of the lost valley. The guild has chapters in most major cities throughout the known world. Each chapter provides training for adventurers, a place to sell loot, buy equipment, and recruit new members.

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