18 March 2017

How are we not dead yet, part 2

Date: 17 March 2017 Karameikan Calendar Date:19 Kaldmont - 23 Kaldmont
Henry, lvl 1 fighter
Ozbrave, lvl 3 M-U
Matt, lvl 3 M-U
Edge, lvl 3 Mystic
Raveling, lvl 5 thief
Dilbert, lvl 1 Lizardman
Bladus, lvl 1 Fighter
Bilbo, lvl 1 Thief
Willem, lvl 2 Elf
Ranulf, lvl 2 Fighter
Dr Happy, lvl 2 Cleric
Daila, Lvl 1 elf

We started the game by leveling up characters who gained enough xp from last session: Raveling, Edge, Ozbrave, and Matt, and Willem.

19 Kaldmont - weather = 10-18 degrees Fahrenheit, low humidity, no winds.
     The party continues on their journey north. In the morning they encounter some villagers running south along the road in panic. One of them has his hair on fire. They scream warnings about a red dragon and continue fleeing south. Party drives wagon off road into forest in attempt to hide, other individuals in party attempt to hide behind trees. They see an adult red dragon come flying over trees and bite head off of peasant who was slower than the rest, he circles around and come back to the dead body, sniffs it, and flies away.
     The party continues on the road north. after about a mile they find small farming village on side of road burnt down. they search the remains and find a small chest with 100 crona. They continue traveling until dark and make camp.

20 Kaldmont - weather = 10-25 degrees Fahrenheit, low humidity, no winds.
     The party continues north. the day passes uneventfully. Towards dusk they approach Kelvin and stay at an inn.

21 Kaldmont - weather = 10-18 degrees Fahrenheit, moderate humidity, no winds.
     The party goes shopping, buys winter clothes and fresh food and a few weapons. They continue on the Duke's Road north. About midday they find a hole that has been recently dug in the middle of the road. It is 5' diameter, and 8' deep. They investigate it for a few minutes and move on, camping when darkness falls.
     At about midnight, Henry is keeping watch. he hears the shriek of an eagle. He wakes up Willem and Dilbert. They look towards the source of  the sound and see a giant bird above them. Henry wakes everyone else up. The bird lands next to the wagon and starts rummaging through it. Willem and Dilbert both throw missiles at it, but miss. The rest of the party is now awake and attack the Roc with missile weapons. It becomes frightened and begins to fly away, but Ozbrave hits it with his necklace of Fireballs. It dies and falls to the ground. The party cuts it up and eats some of it and stores the rest of it in the wagon.

22 Kaldmont - weather = 15-26 degrees Fahrenheit, high humidity, no winds.
     As the party continues north on the road, a heavy mist moves in from the swamp and envelopes them. A horrible rotting stench comes with the mist. After a few hours of traveling they hear noises of combat, and a horse comes galloping out of the mist dragging a dead rider behind it. The rider is an orc armed in rusted mail.
     They go towards the noise and find four overturned wagons, several dead orc bodies, dead horses, deadslave bodies, and deep furrows in the ground. The good from the wagons are all spoiled or broken, they included provisions, and crude black swords. Henry goes scouting into the swamp, and hears deep breathes. he goes further and sees the head of a black dragon looking at him. He turns around and runs away yelling. The dragon chases him, and runs towards the rest of the party. Ozbrave hits it with his wand of fireballs. The dragon runs forward and breathes a line of acid, injuring Ozbrave, Willem, Daila, Bladus, Raveling and Edge. Matt casts a globe of continual darkness around the dragon, the rest of the party shoots blindly into the globe. The dragon comes limping out and melees Ranulf, while the rest of the party attacks the dragon. The dragon takesto thewing and starts to fly away, Matt takes the necklace of fireballs from Ozbrave and hits the dragon, killing it.

     During the whole combat it was apparent that the dragon was suffering from some sort of disease and that he couldn't summon the strength to use his breath weapon after the first attack. When he died the dragon exploded and a bitter acid landed on everyone.
     The party now sees two crude wooden bridges leading into the swamp, they hear voices of orcs on one bridge so decide to take the other. The bridge leads to a smallislandin the swamp with a dead tree and an old statue of some forgotten king. They search the island and find a large silver neck circlet 5' in diameter, with a riddle inscribed on the inside, "Prince and Pauper, King and Knave, equals in his wake."  The statue has a carving of the head of a five eyeddemon hanging from its belt. Ozbrave casts detect magic on the statueand is able to determine that the statue is a construct ofsome sort, so they avoid it.
    The returns to the other bridge and Ozbrave goes forward andparleys with the orcs. After learning that the dragon is deadby their hand, the orcs want to celebrate with the party. They drink and eat, and cut off Willem's hair. The party learns that the orcs are part of the cult of the dragon. THeir cult is trying to ressurect and ancient evil reddragon. A kobpld sect of the cultwas tasked with ressurecting the dragon's human companion, a human wizard named Tsathzar Rho, who had helped the dragon conquer many lands. The orcs had just traded asignificant amount of the cultswealth for a shipment of swords of blight. Swords of blight are made at the forge in the swamp, ruled by Kyleth, an vil sorceress, knownas the witch queen. They give the party a crude map of the swamp, and agreeto take them to the forge. The party campswith the orcsfor the night.

23 Kaldmont - weather = 11-20 degrees Fahrenheit, moderate humidity, 15 mph minds from north.

     The party is led by the orcs across another bridge to a larger island. in one corner of this island is a hut, which the orcs identify as the hut of a hermit that they avoid. the party goes in, the hermit is an ancient elf who babbles about curing a sickness and joining his army to destroy the witch queen. he then commands 10 skeletons to attack the party. They quickly dispatch the skeletons and tie up the old man. They find someof his diaries, most of wich is illegible. what they can read is cryptic ravings of a madman.

XP earned: 313 per character

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