11 April 2017

One Shot Session Notes

This last friday, no one showed up for the game at first besides one person, and I was about to leave and do some homework, when a new guy showed up. So because it was just the two of them and I knew I had to leave for work in a few hours I decided to run a short adventure I've done before, 'The Sword of Justice'. while the adventure is designed for 1st level characters, I gave them higher level characters because there were only two players. Later a few other guys showed up and I gave them some equal level characters. So without further ado, here are my notes:

Date: 7 April 2017
Orinthe, 3rd level Dwarf
Ozbrave, 3rd level M-U
Willem, 2nd level Elf
Aldren, 3rd level M-U
Ralph, 4th level Thief

Our party of heroes started in the town of Farstead looking for new adventures. They entered the Judges Inn and asked the barkeep if there was any work for them in town, who promptly directed them to a poster which Judge Miles had put up earlier that day. The poster simply said that the judge was looking for bounty hunters and to speak with him if interested. At this point Aldren and Ralph(we still only had 2 players at this point) went to the town hall and spoke with the judge in his office. He told them a story about a murder in town and the trial of an elf, Falrik, and how he had fled the trial and taken the sword of justice with him. After the elf had fled, the judge had discovered the true culprit of the crime was the captain of the watch. The judge wanted the party to find the elf so the judge could grant him a pardon and also to recover the sword of justice. he agreed to pay the party 200gp for the return of the elf, and 300gp for the return of the sword, and maybe 20 or 50 gp if they returned with clues about the whereabouts with either. The judge told them a peddler had seen an elf near the abandoned mansion of the wizard kanos, and that was the best lead the judge had right now.

The group then left town and traveled along an old trail leading to the mansion. On the trail they met an old witch gathering herbs, who they traded with. they gave her an enchanted dark ritual black candle in exchange for some snakespike, which can be used in a healing tea. 

When they arrived at the mansion Ralph circumvented it looking for other entrances and anything interesting. Aboiut 3/4 of the way around the house he found a well and a small side door. from the well he heard a voice calling for help. they rest of the party came around to look, they threw some rope and burning cloth down the well and determined no one was there, so they entered though the side door.

They kicked down the door(yes literally), and entered a kitchen which had been obviuposly ransacked before. It was long before they woke up and had to fight a gray ooze blending in with the kitchen table. After ransacking the kitchen some more, they opened the door to their right and entered that room. this was a dining room with a gold cutlery set and crystal goblet at the head of the table. As they were inspecting the room, a phantom figure(dressed like a butler) entered the room, and the whole party, besides ralph, were scared out of their wits and ran back to the kitchen. After gathering their composure, the rest of the party went back to the dining room and discovered the phantom just standing next to the head of the tale and nothing they did could get it to react to them.

So the party opened the door to a small bedroom and were attacked by a crab spider, which they subsequently killed. During the fight Ralph was poisoned by the spider. On killing the spider they all went into the bedroom, to look for loot. When they entered that room with the gold cutlery, the phantom in the dining hall smiled and dissapeared. they found a few coins of various denominations in the bedroom and then left to go back to the dining room and opened another door and went upstairs to one of the towers of the house. there they found a giant lizard which they killed. under the lizard they found a trap door with a key hole which they opened. When the trapdoor opened, noxious fumes were relaeased and everyone but Aldren fell asleep. Aldren was able to wake everyone up but ralph, who died from the spider poison. They then found a chest with some treasure under the trapdoor.

We ended there, and I told them that they went back to town and told the judge that they found no trace of falrik.

XP: 292 each

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