20 April 2017

Wandering Stone part 1

Played a short session yesterday.

Date: 19 April 2017
Tavish, lvl 1 Dwaarf
Edge,  lvl 3 Mystic

Calendar Date 25-26 Kaldmont

We started out with just Tavish in the tavern in Luln. He asked the Barkeep if there was any adventure/work nearby. the barkeep told him about the haunted keep nearby, and that mistress Sascia might have some work for him. He went to talk to Sascia and she told him abut some bandits that had been waylaying merchants on the trail to fort doom. Tavish then went to the local brewer to fill up on mead, but he didn't like the price and wasn't able to successfully haggle the price down, so he left without buying anything. He left on the trail to fort doom and after a few hours came upon a border post. Tavish had to pay a toll to enter the Black Eagle Barony. after traveling for a few more hours night fell and he made camp.

In the morning Tavish found that he had drunk all his water so he quickly looked for a farm nearby. after about an hour he happened upon a farmhouse and was welcomed inside by a young mother. Soon after, Her husband came in from the fields for Dinner(lunch). They allowed him to restock on water and asked him to stay for the meal, but Tavish said he had to get going.

Later in the afternoon Tavish saw a strange spiderlike creature eating a horse on the road. After seeing him, the Rhagodessa attacked, and Tavish was almost immediately overpowered, but Edge happened to be traveling along the road at that instant. With Edge's help Tavish was able to kill the monster. 

XP: 125 each

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